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What Business Owners Should Consider When Selecting a Waste Management Partner


wr_88027_120810_mg_9156Here at Wind River, we strive to offer the best in quality service to our valuable customers. Part of that service includes making sure you are informed so you can make the best decisions for your business. Below are some important questions to consider asking when going through the process of selecting a waste management partner.

Do You Provide Emergency Assistance?
Sometimes problems are easily fixed, or at least contained, until someone can come out to help. However, there are those untimely disasters that strike in the middle of the night or on the weekend that need immediate attention. At Wind River, we’re always open for business and provide 24-hour service for those emergencies that need to be handled right away. And yes, we’re even available on holidays.

How will You Make my Life Easier?
You have enough obligations competing for your time, so it’s important that your waste management partner is fairly self-sufficient so you don’t waste time overseeing their performance. Wind River’s preventative maintenance services are designed to keep your facilities running perfectly so you don’t suffer any downtime. Our expert technicians are also great at explaining how best to avoid major problems and walk you through the different procedures.

To simplify your life even further, our team members will file any paperwork for you with Board of Health so you don’t need to worry about that hassle. Additionally, we have a handy online customer portal so you can easily access any paperwork and see reports of the work we’ve done.

How Long Have You Been in Business?
Newer companies make a lot of mistakes, and you don’t have time for that. Wind River has operated throughout the Northeast, Tri-state, and Mid-Atlantic regions since 1946. That’s a lot of experience! There are more state-certified systems inspectors at Wind River than any other company in the industry. Last year alone we pumped 120,083,237 septic gallons, and have successfully tackled every type of possible wastewater problem.

Choose the Best
Once you’ve addressed the above questions, make sure you feel comfortable with the people and the pricing. We take pride in the reputation we’ve built for being reliable, professional and affordable. Simply ask our current customers or Contact Us to learn more. We look forward to serving you!