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Septic Inspections

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Is your septic system in good health? Most people aren’t really sure. Because your septic system is almost entirely buried underground and houses some unpleasant grime and sewage waste, the average homeowner doesn’t really want to go check for themselves. However, as with any other major part of your home, regular checkups are an important part of your typical maintenance. At Wind River Environmental, we offer comprehensive septic inspections for both homes and businesses, giving you a thorough analysis of your system and total peace of mind that your sewage treatment system is in good hands. 

Residential septic system requirements vary by state, and it can get complicated. That’s why homeowners rely on Wind River Environmental to provide expert residential septic system inspection. With a deep knowledge about the unique inspection requirements for your area, our highly trained and permit-carrying inspectors can complete a thorough inspection in just a few hours. We’ll give you a detailed residential septic system inspection report and handle all the local reporting paperwork for you.

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The Importance of Septic Inspections

Septic inspections are an essential part of owning any property with a septic system. While in-depth and focused inspections are not needed as often as septic tank pumping or a drain cleaning service, you should still have a cursory inspection completed fairly frequently. Septic inspections give you a comprehensive picture of your septic system’s health. They point out the signs that could indicate a problem and allow you to address it before it gets out of control and possibly even destroys your septic system.

When should you schedule a septic inspection?

  • When you’re looking to buy a property with a septic system installed
  • When you’re looking to sell a property with a septic system installed
  • If you’re worried about potential issues like a broken pipe or leaking tank
  • When state law requires an inspection

At Wind River Environmental, each septic pumping service includes a cursory inspection that checks the components and the visible areas of the system. This gives you a glimpse into your system’s health and helps you determine if your system is capable of continuing to function reliably. There are also regulatory inspections that are required by law and have associated paperwork and fees. Finally, there are detailed inspections that include imagery of all components as well as sludge levels and other important measurements which indicate the health of your septic system.

Whether you’re in the buying process, need to pass a state-required inspection, or are getting ready to sell your home, septic inspections are an important component of homeownership. Septic inspection companies like Wind River Environmental offer all these services to provide septic system owners peace of mind that their system is working as it should.

Required Septic Inspections

Certain states require periodic septic system inspections, some require inspections if you’re buying or selling a home, or if you’re building a new addition to your home. If your property functions on a shared septic system, you will also likely be subject to additional inspection requirements.

Even if they’re not required by law, it’s advisable to schedule one to ensure everything is working properly. Using an experienced septic inspection company makes the process faster, easier, and more straightforward, and ensures the job is done right the first time. 

How Long Does a Septic Inspection Take? 

Wind River Environmental understands that your time is valuable. When you schedule a septic tank inspection with us, you may expect the appointment to last anywhere between an hour to a few hours, depending on how complex your system is and what types of issues, if any, our field inspectors uncover. While you are not required to be present for the inspection as long as we have access to your system, we strongly advise that you plan to be so that you can see firsthand if any problems exist and so that we can answer any questions you may have.

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