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3-Step Septic Maintenance Plan

Have Regular Septic and Cesspool Pumping Service

Over time, sludge, debris and other materials will collect in your septic tank or cesspool, decreasing the system’s efficiency. Having Wind River Environmental pump your septic and cesspool regularly will prevent problems and keep your system in good working order.

Experts say you should have your system pumped every one to two years, but several factors should be considered when deciding how often your septic tank needs to be serviced.

You must take into account the age of the system, the number of occupants in your home, the use of a garbage disposal and the amount of laundry being done in the home. Every system is different. What is right for your system may not be right for your neighbor’s. Wind River Environmental will assess your situation and recommend the best plan for you.

Use Bacterial Additive Products

When the correct bacteria is present in your septic system, it breaks down and digests the organic solids. Unfortunately, we all use a wide range of anti-bacterial soaps, detergents and cleaning fluids. While these ordinary household products do a great job in killing unwanted bacteria in your home, they also destroy the good bacteria that your septic system needs in order to function properly.

Wind River Environmental offers Septic System Treatment, a bacterial additive product that will ensure your septic system is functioning at its best. Our Septic System Treatment also keeps the pipes in your home clean, destroys household plumbing odors and reduces odor in trash cans. One quart every other month is usually all you need.

Contact us today at (877) 560-9007 to order the Wind River Environmental Septic System Treatment bacterial additive.

Also, at the time of service, our technicians apply Boost to your system. Boost introduces enzymes which break down organic waste such as food products and grease. It is essentially a shock treatment for your septic tank; and, true to its name, it will give your tank the bacteria boost it needs to break down solids.

Have Your Septic System Filter Cleaned Regularly

Your septic system needs a filter, and the filter needs to be kept clean. The filter protects your leach field by acting as a strainer, keeping out hair, grit, grime and larger particles that have not yet broken down in your tank. Our technicians check and clean your filter during every service.

If you have a cesspool—rather than a septic system—a filter is not an option, so it’s even more important to follow the first two steps in maintaining a healthy septic system.

Wind River Environmental takes on the burden of maintaining a healthy residential septic system. We take pride in our work and treat your system like it is our own. We’ll keep you informed with detailed service reports and provide recommendations to improve your system. Wind River Environmental also provides all the solutions to keep your system in proper working order, from regular service to maintenance and repair. We even send you helpful information and service reminders that ensure your residential septic system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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