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Commercial Septic Services

Routine septic pumping is critical to maintaining a healthy business or commercial septic system. While there’s no way to avoid sludge buildup, regular and proper septic pumping will help keep it at a manageable level.

Regular septic pumping will also help to identify potential problems. Our expert technicians are trained to spot early warning signs. At every service visit, our technicians will check the inlet and outlet pipes, measure the sludge and scum thickness, suggest service frequency and provide you with a complete report.

Proper frequency of outside service is a must. Outside septic tanks are usually quite large and, if not serviced properly, can experience a buildup of hardened solids. This may cause backups or overflows outside the building, as well as draining issues on the inside. Trust the Wind River Environmental experts to properly clean your system professionally and effectively.

Septic Design and Installation

When it’s time for a new commercial septic system, our expert engineers can help you through the process of design and installation. Whether it involves septic systems, leach fields, tanks, traps or some combination, we’ll ensure the proper permits are obtained and guidelines followed.

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Business Septic System Repairs

There are many elements to your business or commercial septic system, and it’s important to keep all components in good working condition so that your system—and business—run smoothly. Wind River Environmental handles septic system repair jobs of all sizes.

Schedule service for your business today! Contact Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007 to get started.

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Septic System Cover Replacement

We know the safety of your employees and customers is your No 1 priority. That means that your septic and grease covers need to be in perfect condition.

We stock a wide range of cover types and sizes (e.g., round, square, etc.) and handle replacements of any nature. We will alert you if we spot any weaknesses in your current cover.

  • Tank Build Up: Some septic system tanks have covers that are deep underground, causing potential problems when servicing. We can help prevent this by installing a Build Up, which is required by code (also known as a “Riser”). This will bring the level of your cover closer to, or even with, the surface.
  • Distribution Box, Inlet/Outlet Tees and Baffles: These essential elements don’t last forever. In older systems (and many new ones), these components were made of concrete. Concrete is susceptible to deterioration by the gases present in a waste system. Often, we can repair or replace them with PVC products, as needed.
  • Tank Seal: If you are experiencing low levels in your septic system, there may be a crack, leak or hole in the tank. We will inspect the tank and, if possible, seal it to avoid replacement.
  • Septic System Rejuvenation: Over time, your leach field may stop leaching water properly. When that occurs, we attempt a rejuvenation of the soil absorption system.
  • Custom Cleaning: This involves pumping your leach field, installing a leach field port, water jetting and adding our system-cleaning Boost Bacteria and/or septic scrubs.
  • White Knight System: Here we cultivate a large colony of soil bacteria to eat away at bio-material buildup in your tank and under the leach field lines. Call us to determine if your septic system qualifies.

Schedule service for your business today! Contact Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007 to get started.

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