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At Wind River Environmental, sustainability is key to our long-term business success. We recognize our responsibility to the environment, economy and society. That’s why we strive to provide the most sustainable services to customers. We endeavor to minimize our energy consumption and have policies and procedures that are consistent with a more sustainable world.

Sequence Batch Reactor Tanks

We are extremely responsible with the way we perform our services and handle waste. When we remove grease from grease traps and liquids and sludge from septic tanks, we recycle as much as possible to lessen the environmental impact. Much of the organic waste we collect is turned into nutrient-rich compost that is used to create superior-grade soil or improve existing soil. This Class B biosolid is also used on farm fields as an alternative to chemical fertilizer. And through our methane digester, we also convert waste into energy.

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Solar panels on a pasture

In 2016, we transitioned to a completely paperless process. Our enterprise-wide systems handle order placement, workorders, dispatching services, records and invoicing. Our technicians use tablets, eliminating all paper forms. Our customers access the online Customer Portal to place residential septic service orders and view service history records.