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When Would I Need FRAC Tanks?

What is a Frac Tank?

First off, let’s explain what a Frac tank is. A frac tank is a large container that can be used for temporary and portable storage. When I say large, I mean it can hold thousands of gallons. They are generally used to store fluids or chemicals and come in many shapes and sizes. One of the more common scenarios where you would find these would be in the fracturing of oil and gas wells. However, we have lots of great uses for them in the waste industry as well.

What are Frac Tanks Used For?

Frac tanks can be used to store a variety of things. Farmers, for example, use them for manure storage and even store water in them for watering their animals out in the field. Perhaps a large company is experiencing a septic backup and needs a place to put the excess waste. Frac tanks can also serve as a holding chamber while waste is being treated. Add chemicals to wastewater in the frac tank and afterward, you can pump out the treated water since the tanks include pumps at the bottom.

Frac Tank Rentals Near You

If you need a Frac tank, we have rentals ranging in size from 10,000 to 21,000 gallons. From residential to commercial and municipal septic needs, Wind River Environmental has you covered! We also offer several other waste disposal services including bulk hauling, leachate removal, and hydro excavating.

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