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Nonhazardous: Liquid Waste Services Every Car Wash Needs

A successful car wash produces enormous amounts of wastewater. Unfortunately, it contains chemicals from detergents, oils, and other pollutants that can harm fish and wildlife. Due to environmental constraints, this wastewater must be treated properly and cannot be sent to places where it will eventually infiltrate local rivers and streams. Therefore, when it’s time to deal with liquid waste, make sure you call on a reliable company that offers necessary services and has knowledge of what to expect at a car wash.

Just as your home needs regular pumping, a car wash needs it as well. The need for this important service is much more frequent at car washes due to the large amount of water that is used. As you can imagine, their catch basins fill up quickly.

Hy Vac
With the large quantity of debris and scum that car washes produce, special equipment is required to clean car wash drains and catch basins. Hy Vac and Hydro jetting may be needed to clean and power through heavy sludge buildup, and only a professional service will own such equipment. Specific care and tooling must also be used to clean out grit or sand traps. Just as restaurants must have grease traps serviced, car washes must have their traps serviced as well.

Material Sampling
Car care is a unique business, and there are things to consider when it comes to disposing of the liquid waste. The soaps and other cleaning solutions used can be difficult to dispose of and require special permits. With material sampling, we can determine whether the contents of the wastewater are hazardous and act accordingly.

Call the Car Wash Experts
Don’t depend on just any team to manage liquid waste at your car wash. There are too many distinct requirements that a general servicer will not know or cannot handle. Rely on Wind River Environmental to effectively handle car wash maintenance while staying compliant with all rules and regulations. For more information Contact Us.

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