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What Should I Know About Indirect Waste Pits?

Most of us are familiar with septic tanks, drain lines and maybe even a grease trap, but the subject of indirect waste pits usually doesn’t come up over coffee. You’ll usually find these in food establishments where there are things like refrigerators, freezers, drink dispensers, ice machines or coffee brewers. These items produce condensation, and that water has to go somewhere. Instead of flowing to your normal drainage system, this water goes to an alternate receptor or pit called the indirect waste pit.

What Else?
Since these pits collect large amounts of water, they must be serviced. They can become backed up like a septic tank and require regular cleaning services like pumping and power washing. Preventative maintenance is also important for making sure all of your freezers and drink machines stay in good working condition. Imagine enduring a busy lunch hour with a broken soda machine. Wind River Environmental carries all the tools needed to service and maintain indirect waste pits.

Maintenance is a Breeze
Hopefully, you’re using a provider like Wind River Environmental who has the experience and ability to include your indirect waste pits and lines into your normal wastewater maintenance plan. These could require confined space entry since the facilities are often in small rooms with one-way entry and little ventilation. Our techs are trained and equipped to handle such jobs, so Contact Us if you have indirect waste components in your business.

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