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How to Avoid Hardened Grease Buildup in an Outside Grease Trap

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are produced as a result of frying foods, cooking meat, and cooking with oils. When poured or washed down the drain, FOG hardens and sticks to your pipes causing clogs. It’s an inconvenient scenario when sewage backs up into your kitchen, but you may not be aware of the bigger picture. When FOG enters our streams, lakes, and oceans, it depletes the oxygen which kills marine life living there. Since no business owner wants to be known as an aquatic murderer, let’s do our part to put FOG in its rightful place. This includes maintaining your outside grease trap, so remember these simple tips.

  1. Use a Strainer
    There’s really no excuse not to put this into practice because it’s cheap and easy! Protect the gateway to your drains with strainers. These simply go over the drain and prevent solid materials from flowing into your plumbing.
  2. Don’t pour FOG Down the Drain

Grease is one of the worst things you can wash down your drains. This is why the Board of Health requires the installation of grease traps in the first place. Dispose of FOG instead of washing it away in your sink. You can also collect and reuse it or have it recycled into other useful products.

  1. Get Regular Service
    If you have a business, this is required by law to protect the environment. But as a responsible citizen, the most important thing you can do is have your grease trap cleaned on a routine basis. The frequency will depend on factors like the size of your trap and local regulations.

Call the Grease Trap Experts
Wind River Environmental technicians are specially trained and certified to provide a variety of environmental services including those related to grease traps. We have a 14-point inspection process to ensure your traps are thoroughly cleaned. According to the EPA, untreated sewage still makes its way to rivers, lakes and even recreational waterways, causing millions to get sick each year. Some of this can be attributed to the irresponsible handling of FOG, so it’s important that we all make effort to correctly dispose of our waste. Allow our expert team to evaluate your business for a wastewater maintenance plan customized to fit your schedule and budget. Contact Us.

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