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Can You Use High-Pressure Water Jetters if You’re on the Town Sewer?

High-pressure water jetting is an economical and environmentally safe way to thoroughly clean your pipes. The power of water is used to drive through stubborn materials that prevent water from flowing freely. The force is strong enough to cut through solid substances such as wood or even stone. This method of clearing drains is a definite upgrade from traditional snaking and is gaining popularity among our commercial customers.

How Does It Work?
Water jetting or hydro jetting as it is also called, involves inserting a hose deep into your plumbing system. A camera may be sent first to discover where the problem area lies. Forward and reverse jets force water through the pipe at a pressure of up to 4,000 pounds per square inch which provides 360-degree coverage all the way to the pipe’s interior wall. The force of the water removes anything and everything in the pipe, even tree roots.

Who Can Benefit?
All can benefit from water jetting even our customers hooked up to the town sewer. However, companies with high water use need regular service to keep their pipes clear and prevent any loss of business.  Restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and car washes are a few examples of businesses that call on us for this service.

Preventative Maintenance
Snaking is usually sufficient for soft blockages, but is not designed to prevent future clogs. The snake may only break through the clog creating a narrow path for water to flow. The tough guck that is stuck to the pipe wall or a tree root would remain intact. Water jetting would eliminate any and all obstructions inside your pipes. Annual (or possibly more frequent) high-pressure water jetting is recommended to ensure your business is continually profitable. This preventative investment is a sure way to reduce unnecessary costs of future repairs and downtime. To learn more, contact Wind River Environmental to discuss drain cleaning services or to request jetting service now.

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