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Back to School! Learn About Septic Maintenance with Wind River Environmental University

It’s that time of year again when kids head back to school and get ready to learn. It’s a good time to brush up on our septic education as well. Here are some tips from our very own Wind River Environmental University.

  1. Get Regular Service
    This is really not optional. Over time, sludge and other solid wastes build up in your septic tank and must be pumped out. Depending on your household and water consumption, the average is every 1-2 years.
  2. Use Bacterial Additives
    Your septic system relies on bacteria to break down waste and keep effluent flowing efficiently through the tank and leach Various factors can kill this good bacteria, so it’s good to replenish it with an additive.
  3. Install and Clean Your Filter

A great way to prevent clogs is to install a septic filter, which catches solid waste before it can enter your leach field. When it’s time for your regular pump service, the technician should clean the filter during the same appointment.

  1. Flush Only Septic Safe Products

A lot of products claim to be septic safe, like feminine products and even some brands of toilet paper. However, the only thing that you should really be flushing is human waste and 1-ply toilet paper.

  1. Keep Plants Away From the Leach Field
    The only thing you should plant near your leach field is grass. The roots of trees, bushes, vegetable and even weeds can penetrate your drain lines and damage your septic system.
  2. Don’t Use a Garbage Disposal
    Leftovers belong in the trash and shouldn’t be washed down the drain. Food particles do not break down properly and tend to cause clogs.
  3. Spread Out Water Use
    Using large amounts of water in short periods time can put a lot of stress on your septic system. Tasks such as laundry should be spread throughout the week. You should also wait until you have full loads to wash in your dishwasher and washing machine.
  4. Avoid Powder and Antibacterial Cleaners
    Replace powder detergents with liquid brands. The liquid disintegrates much faster and is easier for the septic tank to handle. Toxic cleaning products are also harmful to the natural workings of your septic system because they kill the good bacteria required to break down wastes. Use organic cleaning products instead.

Stay Smart
I know it can be sad to say goodbye to summer vacation, but as we get back into the school spirit, it’s a good time to also refresh your septic knowledge. In addition to these tips, we suggest finding a reliable service provider like Wind River Environmental to maintain your septic system. We have decades of experience and use the latest technology to keep your wastewater facilities running smoothly while delivering fast and dependable service. To learn more, Contact Us.

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