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4 Ways Technicians Repair Your Home’s Septic System

For the most part, a well maintained septic system is pretty self-sufficient and will last a lifetime. However, there are times when things go wrong and you need the help of a professional. Here are a few of the common repairs our guys perform on a regular basis.

The Cover
This is the entryway into your septic tank. If the cover is damaged, air can enter your tank preventing anaerobic bacteria from doing their job of breaking down waste. Odors can also escape which makes for an unpleasant situation. It’s an easy fix, and you may need to either seal up any openings or replace the cover altogether.

Buildup of all types can occur and hinder the performance of your septic system. You could have sludge buildup from failing to pump your tank or food buildup in your pipes from using a garbage disposal. Whatever is causing the obstruction, you need to clear it up as soon as possible before more serious problems arise. Repairs may involve water jetting or a thorough pump service to get rid of stubborn buildup.

The D-Box
Your distribution box is the part of the leach field that makes sure wastewater is dispersed evenly throughout your pipes. When this component isn’t working correctly, effluent runs to only one port causing wastewater to collect in one place instead of flow throughout the field. The D-box could be leaking, tipped or clogged. A trained technician will be able to determine the exact problem and repair accordingly.

Tees and Baffles
The terms are interchangeable, but baffles are often called tees because of their shape. These connect to inlet and outlet pipes of your septic tank and prevent sewage and scum from flowing back where they came from. Problems with tees result in things like odors, tank flooding and failing drainfields. These should be replaced immediately at any signs of trouble to avoid more costly damage.

Leave It To The Best In The Business!
Rely on Wind River Environmental for these and any other repairs relating to your septic and plumbing. With over 70 years of experience, there isn’t a wastewater issue we haven’t tackled. Contact Us.

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