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Septic Pumping in Harvard, Massachusetts


The Fascinating History of Harvard, Massachusetts

Before we talk about septic pumping in Harvard, Massachusetts, we’d love to share the unique history of the town with you! Harvard is a town northwest of Boston founded in 1732, and it developed as a thriving agricultural town. At one point in its history, it shipped more apples and more milk than any other Massachusetts town! Harvard also has been the home for several important religious movements, such as the Shakers and Transcendentalists.

As development and growth have continued, Harvard has felt the tension between growth and how to conserve the environment while maintaining its small community atmosphere. Harvard is now described as upscale and residential, rather than agricultural. The town is known for its good schools and for its annual festivals. To learn more about the town of Harvard and what it has to offer, explore here. 

Wind River Environmental and Septic Pumping in Harvard

Wind River Environmental has been providing plumbing and septic pumping in Harvard since 1946. We offer a wide variety of services both for residential and commercial properties including septic pumping, drain cleaning, pipelining, hy vac, and preventative maintenance.

Wind River Environmental also offer inspections for homes and inside grease trap cleaning and plumbing for businesses. We are knowledgeable about the regulations in the Harvard area and we have a great deal of expertise in offering the best service in waste management.

Learn More About Wind River Environmental

Wind River Environmental wants to ensure that your septic system lasts a long time. We believe that preventative maintenance is key and we have a three-step septic maintenance plan. This plan can be tailored to your home to give you peace of mind.

To learn more about preventative maintenance, click here.

To learn more about septic pumping in Harvard as well as our other services, click here and then reserve an appointment today!