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Drains Beware! July 2017’s Messiest Drain Award


This month’s messiest drain goes to the deli department of a local grocery store. The manager called our dispatcher and explained he had been experiencing frequent backups in the sinks. He knew the septic tank had been pumped recently, so there had to be a different problem. Since we knew the problem was in a food-related facility, the odds of grease being the cause of trouble were high.

Sure enough, after a quick assessment, we discovered grease was indeed the culprit. Employees operating the chicken rotisserie machine were dumping the juices, fats, and grease down the drains. Although they had a working grease trap installed, the large amounts of grease were filling up the trap and clogging the drain lines. The wastewater had nowhere to go but back where it came from.

How Could This Be Prevented?
It’s important to educate employees on proper grease disposal. It seemed like a quick and easy solution to wash waste leftover from the chicken down the drains, but the cooks were unaware of the consequences of dumping this into their plumbing. Preventative jetting maintenance is another great means of clearing drains of excess grease and other obstructions. This service is well worth the cost if you consider the downtime your business suffers otherwise. EarthCare will happily send one of our experienced staff to meet with your employees and hold an informal class on proper grease and waste disposal. We can also evaluate your kitchen activity and design a preventative maintenance plan to suit your budget and needs.

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