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Clearing a Clogged Drain: A Safe Formula From Wind River Environmental

Clearing a Clogged Drain Safely

Every busy household is bound to experience a clogged drain in one form or another eventually. Cooking grease or solids get washed down the kitchen sink when some helpful individual washes the dishes but forgets to plug in the sink strainer. Human hair can accumulate in tub and shower drains. Of course, these bothersome clogs tend to follow Murphy’s Law, occurring at the most inconvenient times, and exasperated homeowners usually want to get that drain flowing again as quickly and easily as possible.

Unfortunately, bad advice abounds when it comes to clearing a clogged drain, and among the worst do-it-yourself tips we’ve seen are the recommendations to dump hazardous, caustic chemicals down the sink.

The most common hazardous chemicals in commercially available “drain openers” are sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. These nasty acids are usually accompanied by another class of hazardous chemicals known as “caustics” to improve performance. The caustics are usually sodium hydroxide and lye. Acids produce heat when they react chemically with caustics, which creates a potential for violent explosion and splashback burns. Drain opener poisoning is a risk that can and should be avoided at all costs.

If misused, these powerful chemicals will not only dissolve the clog, but they’ll also go to work on eating up the pipes in your drain system! If the line is running to a septic system, all that nasty chemical residue ends up in the surrounding soil. This causes an environmental hazard for not only the homeowner but for the community.

Wind River Environmental’s Safe Drain Clearing Formula

When it comes to clogged drains, the good old plunger is the homeowner’s best friend and should always be the first step attempted to clear a drain. If the clog is too stubborn to blow through with a plunger, the plumbing professionals at Wind River Environmental recommend that 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar be applied to the drain. Let this mixture sit in the drain for a few moments and then rinse the drain with hot water to relieve the clog. If that fails, it’s time to give us a call at Wind River Environmental for professional help. If you’ve got a stubborn clogged drain, contact us!

Drain Cleaning Service  at Wind River Environmental

When all else fails, the drain cleaning experts at Wind River Environmental will bring in the big guns to get your drain open and flowing. Our professional technicians come armed with augers and power jetting equipment that can handle the toughest clogs. We have cameras for inspecting the drain pipe interiors to diagnose the cause of recurring drain problems such as line breakage or root intrusion, and we can advise you on the best solutions to restore smooth drainage flow.

Wind River Environmental is the industry-leading provider of a full range of commercial and residential septic, plumbing, and wastewater services.

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