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Check Out Wind River Environmental’s Pan & Tilt Camera!

ipek_rovver_125_01-600x0Thanks to modern technology, our methods of diagnosing septic and plumbing problems have gotten so much easier. Prior to the invention of video cameras designed to maneuver through drain lines, septic technicians were forced to make educated guesses on the cause of a problem. They would also waste time and money on excavation to try and find the location of an obstruction or damaged pipe. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary with advanced machines that allow us to not only view the interior of your lines, but to also utilize pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

Envirosight Rovver 125™
This incredible little gadget is the most portable and versatile sewer inspection crawler of its kind. It’s designed to pass through restricted pipe, large offsets and protruding pipe taps that are 6-36 inches. Handheld remotes allow techs to operate the camera from great distances, and they have the ability to adjust the focusing power, speed, pan, tilt, zoom, lighting and steering controls. Naturally, it’s also waterproof to handle the damp conditions inside a septic, grease or sewer line. It’s neat to see the Envirosight Rovver in action, and it has saved both our company and our customers a ton of valuable time and money.

Equipped With the Best
As a leader in our industry, it’s important we keep our arsenal of equipment stocked with the latest and greatest tools. Our goal is to offer our customers the best products and most efficient methods of solving their septic and plumbing issues. With the Envirosight Rovver 125 in our collection, we can quickly and accurately identify drain problems and repair them quickly without digging up your lawn. Contact Us, and let us take an inside look at your pipes. Request a Pan and Tilt Camera Inspection today.