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3…2…1…Action! How Video Cameras Help Diagnose a Drain Problem

The Problem

Drains clog, and pipes get damaged. When the problem is simple, a metal snake or some baking soda and vinegar can fix it. Sometimes, however, these problems are much more complicated. The pipes could be cracked due to the ground shifting from frost or a flood, or perhaps a tree root is starting to push against the pipes. To make things more complicated, all of this is could be happening underneath a parking lot. In the old days, plumbers would have to dig up that parking lot. They wouldn’t even know what or where the exact problem was, but digging up the pipes was the only way to see for sure. This got very expensive very quickly.

Today’s Solution

We can now use special waterproof video cameras to inspect pipes and eliminate the need to excavate a parking lot. The technician sends a camera through and can see what’s going on inside your pipes. He can identify the exact location of the obstruction, and work strategically to fix it. He may still need to dig up the pipe but it would only be a small section, not an entire lot. (On a side note, Wind River Environmental also offers pipelining solutions that don’t require any digging.)

Avoid Drain Problems

When it comes to your pipes, you can take measures to avoid having drain problems altogether. You may have heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Regular inspections and drain cleaning services keep your pipes and drainage systems clear and safe. These preventative measures save you lots of money in the long run, so take advantage of them before disasters strike. For more information or to schedule your own video inspection, contact Wind River Environmental today.

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