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Why Your Septic Tank System Needs An Outlet Filter

If you have a septic tank, then you have a basic idea of how they work. In theory, the only thing that ends up in the leach field is water. Unfortunately, in practice hair, grit and, worse, sewage solids can find their way there. That’s why every septic tank system needs an outlet filter. If you don’t have a septic filter installed, you should have a Wind River Environmental technician install one. You know what they say: an ounce of prevention (preventative maintenance) is worth a pound of cure.

Tank Outlet Filters – What They are and Why They Help

Proper septic tanks should be fitted with an effluent filter or tank outlet filter. This is installed in the outlet of the tank and helps prevent anything other than liquid getting into the leach field (or clogging the outlet pipe). In some jurisdictions, outlet filters are legally required, but even if they are not, an outlet filter can help avoid leach field clogging. This can cause flooding and even cause failure of the entire leach field system, not to mention the significant risk to health, both human and animal. A clogged leach field can even cause contamination of nearby plants.

Septic tank filters are a cheap way to improve the efficiency of your septic tank system and extend its life. They can easily be installed into existing tanks. They do require some maintenance – specifically, they need to be cleaned regularly as they tend to become clogged. This means they are doing their job. A typical residential tank filter has a 1/16-inch filtration slot size, but the precise filter you need depends on your household size and water usage.

Install a Tank Outlet Filter

A professional septic tank company such as Wind River Environmental can help you out by installing a new filter or cleaning or replacing an existing one. Septic filters should be cleaned if you notice sluggish drain flow or gurgling at every drain in the house. They should also be cleaned when you pump and clean the tank – so contact us about installing a proper filter and keep your septic tank system healthy!