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4 Signs You Use A Good Septic Company

Owning a home with a septic system means you are solely responsible for regular tank maintenance and tank pumping.  As a homeowner or business owner, you can do most of the minor maintenance items yourself, but require a good septic company to handle big maintenance tasks with experienced and reliable professionals. But how do you know you’ve chosen the right company for the job?

To help you make the right decision, here are the top four qualities to look for in a good septic contractor when you need septic system installation, repair or maintenance:

1. Good Communication

As a rule, your septic service provider should provide you a window of time that they can allow you to plan for your service.  This scheduled appointment is usually the first step in the communication, and is very important.  At Wind River Environmental, we use text updates as we are traveling to and leaving your location to keep our customers well informed of the entire service appointment.  A good septic company will also provide you good explanations of signs of concern they see in your system.  They should also give a complete explanation of all of the services (and the need for those services) as they are performing them.  The entire experience is important to keep you knowledgeable and comfortable with your system to recognize when you may need to call again.  A good septic company will also have great follow up after your appointment.

At Wind River Environmental, we send a complete work order review with images of the before, during and after stages of the service for your records.  We also provide complete recommendations for any suggested and required services.  We will send a survey for you to provide us with feedback on how we could have been even better.  Your communication with your septic company should instill trust that you have made the right decision for your continued safety and peace of mind.

2. Good Information

Your septic provider should be the expert on this topic, and be happy to prove that to you on every interaction.  The best septic companies have trained and experienced technicians that are willing to share their knowledge with you.  They should want to keep you updated on your septic system.  The good septic companies also share this information on all of their outlets to ensure you can judge their expertise for yourself.  It should be clear from this article you are reading on our blog, any consultation calls, and most importantly when they arrive to perform service.  A good septic service will also be able to explain any suggested service to allow you to make informed decisions.  There is science in the function of the septic system, but it is not so complicated that anyone cannot understand the process and concepts.  You should not feel that way when you ask questions.

3. Good Equipment

The right tools ensure the job is done safely and correctly for both the homeowner and for technicians.  A good septic company will have access to all the necessary equipment to provide you the best service.  Equipment doesn’t start at the job site, it should start from the moment you contact your septic provider. 

We also keep complete work history on all properties we have ever serviced.  Wind River Environmental have the largest databases for properties on septic.  We keep pictures and recommendations for each property to ensure you have the most complete information available.  At your home, our technicians have access to all of the equipment they may ever need to service your home.  We maintain our own fleet management division.  We have equipment to service every size facility, and will be able to deploy that to any location necessary.

4. Good Customer Service

Most importantly, a good septic company values their customers and proves it in every step of the services.  Your value begins with the way your call is answered.  When you have selected which employees can help you best, we have real employees answering from inside the U.S.A.   Our customer service agents work through all of the details of your appointments with you.  Your value continues as the technicians arrive on time and can explain every step of the process.  Also important is the follow-up you should expect to ensure your experience was better than you expected.  The key to a good septic company is when something doesn’t go as expected – and how they resolve it.

Wind River Environmental pays close attention to any complaint and takes every one seriously.  It’s great when things go as planned, but we also will be there if they didn’t. We are always willing to work through any issues.  We are proud of our high customer satisfaction rating.  Wind River Environmental maintains that high rating which competes with top companies across all service industries.

When you are ready to work with the septic company that has all of these traits and more, contact Wind River Environmental or call us at (877) 560-9007 to schedule your next septic service. Check out our reviews to hear more from our customers.

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