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5 Reasons To Install Touchless Fixtures

What Are Touchless Fixtures?

Touchless fixtures are any sort of plumbing fixture that does not require the user to manually turn it on. It is one of the most recent trends in plumbing, also known as “touch-free”, “no-touch”, or “hands-free” fixtures. The hands-free faucets and flushometers have built in sensors that detect when a user is near, automatically turning water on and off. Whether used in a home or a business, installation of automatic plumbing technology has become increasingly popular as everyone returns to the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hands-free faucet

The eco-friendly and economical benefit for touchless faucets is related to the sensor.  These faucets are motion-activated and water will only flow if hands pass directly in front of the sensor.  No more dripping or running faucet, just place your hands in front of the sensor and the water can wash away all the mess without touching anything!  This is particularly helpful in keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum.  With an automatic faucet this fixture can be free of contamination.  The bathroom vanity is kept cleaner with a touchless faucet.  No more soapy hands touching the faucet controls and having no controls gives a sleek and contemporary look.

Hands-free flushometers

Toilets in general are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The hands-free or touch-free flush is activated when the user leaves and the sensor no longer detects a presence. Touchless plumbing is commonly seen in hotels, airports, and public restrooms, but is now becoming popular in residential homes as well. These plumbing fixtures are now a viable option to install in homes primarily for ease and convenience, but also to cut down on the transfer of germs.

Benefits of Touchless Fixtures

Whether reopening a business, remodeling your current home, or updating an older home, consider installing touchless fixtures for any or all of the following reasons:

1.      Germ Warfare

Germs are everywhere and that includes bathrooms and kitchens. It’s easy to forget that whatever germs customers carry on their hands are easily transmitted to faucet and or toilet handles.  The same germs remain on the surfaces and transfer with every visitor and hand washing until the next cleaning cycle. Install touchless fixtures and win the war against germs because there are no handles to contaminate.

The same scenario holds true when washing your hands in the kitchen sink after working in the yard, cleaning up after pets, handling garbage and a variety of other household and outdoor tasks that leave hands covered in germs. A touchless fixture limits the opportunities for this to occur, limiting opportunities to transfer dirt, mess, or grime to the handles.

2.      Convenience

A touchless faucet makes sure there’s no need to turn the faucet on and off. Avoid worry about running faucets or the creative and potentially destructive ways people will flush toilets to avoid touching the handles.  Another advantage of hands-free fixtures is for those who struggle with arthritis or who are dealing with a hand injury; no handle means no problem. Children are also prime candidates for the easy use of a touchless system because they don’t have to reach the handles. A touchless system also means less wear on the fixture and its components. A traditional faucet with handles, knobs, or levers receives a lot of twisting and turning each and every day.

3.      Environmentally and Budget-Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of a touchless fixture is its ability to conserve water. With this system, there is no possibility of leaving the water running while washing hands. The sensor will automatically turn off the water if it detects nothing, significantly increasing water savings . In homes, hands-free fixtures also save water during daily activities like brushing teeth or shaving.

4.      Easier Maintenance

Cleaning the handles, replacing worn or damaged moving pieces and even replacing the entire fixture can be much simpler because of the design of the fixtures.  One single unit instead of three separate fixture elements (two handles and a spout) makes change over much easier.  In a large home, hotel or multi-location franchise, these simple designs are also easier with standardized equipment and can create a standard process around troubleshooting or making minor repairs.

5.      Safety

We know caring for family, teammates and customers is of the utmost importance.  Safer fixtures for the bath and kitchen can offer that little extra help.  Fixed temperature settings on hands-free faucets protect from mistakes that could cause burns to more sensitive hands.  Touchless fixtures also allow for hands to do the other things necessary while the water is running – like holding the pan under the faucet, or gathering belongings while in a bathroom stall.

In a world, with invisible enemies like the Coronavirus, we need as many safeguards as is practical.  New and improved sanitization fixtures include hands-free or touchless technology.  Contact Wind River Environmental today to assist with your installation service, or any of the many other services we provide.

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