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Septic Pumping and Preventative Maintenance in Weare, NH


The Rich History of Weare, NH

The city of Weare, New Hampshire is located in Hillsborough County and is to the west of the cities of Manchester and Concord. Established in 1764, Weare was named after Meshech Weare, who was the first town clerk. He later helped to design the constitution of the state and eventually served in the highest office of the state as “president”. The area of Weare is known for being home to the first Quaker seminary in New Hampshire.  Started by Moses Cartland in 1834, it later became the Weare school system.

New England’s Greatest Hurricane and the Resilience of Weare, NH

In 1938, Weare was one of the areas of New Hampshire devastated by what has become known as “New England’s Greatest Hurricane”. The storm was unlike any hurricane recorded to have hit New England, and the town of Weare was practically washed away. It is estimated that 700 people died and about 1800 people were injured. The storm caused approximately $400 million worth of damage based on calculations from 1938. Despite such devastation, the town showed great resilience and was able to rebuild. They also employed preventative measures and risk studies in order to be ready for future storms.

How Can Preventative Maintenance Help Your Septic Pumping Needs?

Resilient people recognize the need for preparation and prevention, and these aspects are key when caring for plumbing and septic systems. Every town needs a good solution for their plumbing needs, and that solution is Wind River Environmental. Wind River Environmental offers services for residential and commercial properties.

For homes, Wind River Environmental offers septic and outside services, pipelining, drain cleaning, inspections, and preventative maintenance. For commercial properties, Wind River Environmental offers septic and outside services, inside grease trap services, plumbing, pipelining, hy-vac, and preventative maintenance. Be assured that your system will work the way it is supposed to for a long time by enlisting the help of Wind River Environment.

If you are interested in learning more about how preventative maintenance can help your septic pumping needs, please contact us today!