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Septic Pumping: 5 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Septic pumping is one of the most important components of maintaining a healthy septic system. Scheduling septic pumping on a regular cadence extends the life of your system and prevents major issues from occurring. Many people wait until its too late to get their septic tank pumped.  We want to help you understand the importance of this service, and maintain the life of your system.

Here are five reasons why septic pumping is so important.

Because It’s Time

Factors such as size of your tank, the number of people at home, what you’re flushing down your toilet, how often your household is adding to the system, and if you use a garbage disposal impact if you’ll need to pump your septic tank once a year or every few years. You should pump your tank to reduce the build up and minimize the risk of it backing up into your home. It also allows us to check and clean the filter, if there’s one in place. Even if you don’t think that your tank is ready, it’s better to take the safe approach if it’s been a while.

Because Your Tank Has Too Much Build Up

This is the most obvious reason you’ll need to pump your septic tank. If you decide to wait too long, a tank filled with solids can lead to issues that cost much more than a simple pumping. If you plan at least according to the pumping schedule, you shouldn’t have solids overflow into your leach field. Tanks with too much build up of solids cause backups and slower draining. If you think your tank is overfull or suspect it’s close, it’s best to schedule a pumping just to be safe.

To Prevent Backup or Other Issues

Preventative maintenance helps you avoid all kinds of problems including backup, leaking pipes, slow draining, and strange odors. Some benefits of preventative maintenance are saving money in avoiding unnecessary repairs and the unfortunate warning signs of a malfunctioning septic system. Not only are these gross and a hassle to clean up after, they can cause further damage to the septic system or your home.

To Remove Any Problematic Items

You might have heard by now that there are certain items that you shouldn’t flush down your toilet. If these aren’t already clogging your pipes, they can easily fill up your tank and require more frequent pumping. If you’re flushing items like these, its best to get your tank pumped as soon as possible. Starting with an empty tank will give you peace of mind knowing you can avoid making these mistakes again!

Pumping Improves Efficiency

Even if your drain doesn’t show any leaks or weird smells coming from it, it may not be working well.  Pump your septic tank to help increase the overall efficiency of your system. Keep your tank at proper working levels so your system continues to run how it’s intended. Too long of a wait between services can lead to slow draining that becomes frustrating after a while. This is just one of many warning signs that you’re overdue for a pumping. 

Wind River Environmental offers septic and cesspool pumping, along with other preventative maintenance services. If you experience any issues or are in need of any other septic system services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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