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What is Septic System Preventative Maintenance?

Septic System Preventative Maintenance is the best way to ensure that your septic system stays in good health. Think of it like an oil change for your car or teeth cleaning at the dentist. You’re not doing it because something is wrong, but getting it done protects against certain issues in the future. Instead of risking the replacement of your entire septic system, consider preventative maintenance as protection against these emergency situations.

Regular service and other simple steps are the best way to prevent issues from showing up in the future. Here are the three services Wind River Environmental recommends to keep your system running smoothly. 

Have Regular Septic and Cesspool Pumping Service

Your septic tank or cesspool is going to become filled with sludge and debris that can hinder the performance and efficiency of your entire system. Luckily, all you need to do to avoid the risks these solids pose is schedule regular septic and cesspool pumping. Depending on how many people are in your home and how often it’s being used, the recommended time to pump can range from one to three years. We can help you assess what timeline works for you.

Your septic system can have major issues if not pumped regularly, ranging from backup into your home to the system failing completely. Pump your septic system on a consistent schedule to avoid the costly process of installing a new one which can cost more than $35,000.00.

Use Bacterial Additive Products

Not all bacteria is bad, especially when it comes to a septic system. Household items such as soap or detergent can kill the good bacteria that helps your system run smoothly. That’s why we recommend using septic system additives to help improve your septic tank’s efficiency. These additives help break down solids, making it safer and preventing larger issues that require repairs.

We offer two different additive products to help with the bacteria levels.  One we can administer when your tank is close to empty and one you pour down the drain yourself. These additives are preventative, so there’s no “ideal” time to use these.  Do not delay because you should obviously use them before issues arise.

Have Your Septic System Filter Cleaned Regularly

Just like how the air filter in your car protects your engine, septic tank filters protect your leach field from objects that shouldn’t be in there. A contaminated leach field is disastrous and expensive to repair or replace.  If your septic system filter hasn’t been replaced in a while (or ever!), now is the time!

Whether or not you’ve chosen a maintenance plan, Wind River Environmental provides all the services necessary for keeping your septic system healthy, including repairs. Contact us to schedule a service and prevent a septic disaster!

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