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Utilizing GEO Tubes to Clean Digesters

digester is a large tank or vessel that is used to process large amounts of biosolids during the treatment of wastewater. Through the process of anaerobic digestion, a significant portion of the sludge collected in the digester can be converted into carbon dioxide and methane gases. This reduces the volume of sludge that needs to be disposed of and makes it safer for the environment.

Digesters are an essential part of wastewater treatment, minimizing the environmental impact of the biosolids filtered from treated water. But sometimes these giant tanks themselves need to be cleaned in order to remove sludge build-up. Fortunately, Wind River Environmental has the know-how and the technology to clean digesters and help keep the waste water treatment process running smoothly.


GEO Tubes Clean Digesters Quickly and Cost Efficiently


Our high-capacity hydraulic pump systems, combined with the cutting-edge technology of GEO tubes, can remove and filter millions of gallons of water during large-scale projects. GEO tubes are made of a specially engineered textile that is designed to maximize water flow while filtering out 99% of biosolids. This technology also enables the tubes to hold up to the enormous pressure produced by the pumps without bursting.

The solids collected during the process remain in the GEO tube, while the water flows through the unique textile material. When the job is done, the entire tube unit can be disposed of in a landfill, or the sludge can be removed. If removed, the treated sludge can be further processed and repurposed into a Class-B biosolid that works well as a fertilizer.

GEO tubes make the process of cleaning a digester simpler, less costly, and more efficient. By combining the latest technology with the expertise of our skilled technicians, Wind River Environmental can handle the toughest digester cleaning jobs. To schedule a digester cleaning service, a maintenance visit, or to learn more about our municipal servicescontact us today!