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Top Signs You Need Cesspool Maintenance For Your Residence

A few years ago I purchase my dream home in the area of Exeter, NH. My house had everything I wanted, beauty, great location, nature, fun neighbors, and one thing I didn’t want- a bad septic system. I didn’t know much about taking care of a septic system.

I just figured if something didn’t work you could call in the local plumber.

Not the case at all! Instead I started noticing some issues around my drains and toilets. I knew things were getting bad when my friend recommended I call someone for cesspool pumping service. I didn’t even know what the cesspool was! I made some calls and actually found a very reputable company in Exeter, NH who did the cesspool pumping service for me. They charged a fair price and did a great job.

They also left me with a list of warning signs I should never ignore:

  1. Foul smelling odors. If you detect bad smelling odors like raw eggs or sewage coming from your drains or the ventilation system this is a big problem. You could be experiencing the smell of methane gas seeping through your septic system. This is a clear signal of blocked drainage and involves septic pumping service.
  2. Damp patches around your septic tank. Plants and weeds growing around your septic tank area may be an indication that it is time for a cesspool pumping service. This shows that there is leakage from the tanks and it’s giving off too much moisture. It can mean that the drain pipes are too full or that there are leaks or damage.
  3. Clogged drains. Do you have super slow draining toilets or drains? Is your toilet constantly backed up? If so, this can be a sign that your cesspool or septic tanks are in trouble. You can try plunging the toilet or snaking the drains first, but if this doesn’t work you may need professional cesspool pumping service.
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