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How Your Septic Distribution Box Works

What is a Septic Distribution Box?

Understanding your septic system begins with one of the most important parts of the tank, the septic distribution box. The distribution box is a component of the leach field system. The job of the distribution box is to evenly distribute the wastewater into the leach field (also known as the drain field).

The distribution box openings are often fitted with flow leveling devices that rotate. This is to make sure that the leach field lines are receiving an equal amount of wastewater.

How Does the Septic Distribution Box Work?

Gravity plays a major role in helping the distribution box do its job. The water flows downhill where the distribution box is placed. This allows the water to flow into the box from the septic tank and then onto the leach field. Once the wastewater flows out of the septic tank it will move into the septic distribution box and out to the leach field lines.

Plastic vs. Concrete Septic Distribution Boxes

The size and shape of the box depends on the type of septic tank you have. A distribution box is most commonly made out of concrete or plastic and has several openings for the leach field lines where the wastewater can flow out. Concrete boxes often work better since the material is sturdier than plastic. A concrete  distribution  box  can  also  be  located  with  a  probe  rod  during  inspections. 

Septic Distribution Box Replacement

The distribution box is a major part of the septic system being able to function properly is very important. If the distribution box isn’t working the right way, you will soon be dealing with leach field failure. Distribution boxes are most often worn down by time due to weather, like flooding and freezing, and improper care of the septic system.

If you need to replace your septic distribution box, contact Wind River Environmental today. We deliver top-tier results to residential, commercial, and municipal customers throughout the Eastern United States.

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