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Restaurant Management 101: Why Does My Drain Keep Backing Up?

There are a number of reasons why commercial kitchen drains continue to back up. It’s essential that you understand why this happens and implement regular cleaning services by a professional drain cleaner. Clogged drains can cause the shutdown of a restaurant, which equates to a loss in revenue along with a likely expensive repair. To avoid this major headache (for you and the customers that love your food), your best bet may be to call an experienced plumber to check it out.

Why Commercial Kitchen Drains Clog

Sludge, greases, meat fats and other oils can quickly build up in drains. As these substances cool, they begin to harden and stick to the drain pipes. This can lead to major sanitation problems as the end result is clogged pipes or even an entirely clogged septic system. In addition, food gets put down the drain on a daily basis due to leftovers.

Keep in mind that while a commercial grade grease trap is effective, it will be ineffective if the drains aren’t professionally maintained. A grease trap cleaning service will determine how often a cleaning is needed by calculating the daily use of the grease trap.

Toilets and drains in restaurants can also become clogged from non-maintained septic systems. All of the wastewater from a restaurants flows into the septic tank, and it should be pumped by a professional on a regular basis to prevent backups and major, costly repairs to the system. How does a backup happen? The solid material settles at the bottom while the liquid flows into the leach field. Both lines and tank become filled with sludge.

Professional Drain Cleaning and Septic Pumping

Today, professional companies use tiny video cameras to diagnose grease problems in the system lines. This helps determine where there is a root issue, break or crack in the line. For soft blockages, professionals use high-pressure water jetters to clear the lines. For hard blockages, a snaking method is used to clear the lines.

These professional cleaning companies also offer preventative maintenance plans to avoid breakages, overflows, clogs and backups. Customers can choose a plan that best meets their needs, including jetting the lines once a quarter, pumping the non-hazardous waste systems and complete inspections. Preventative maintenance is the best defense against clogs and septic tank problems.

Contact Wind River Environmental to discuss drain cleaning service.

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