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What Is Septic System Rejuvenation?

A leach field is used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank. Over time, your leach field area may not drain water properly and a special cleaning may help rejuvenate the soil absorption system. The process is easier to understand when you know how the septic system leach field works. Wind River Environmental can help you with that by conducting a septic system rejuvenation service.

After the drain field has been in use for a long period of time, the system can begin to break down and create a biomat. The biomat is when the build- up is too much for the clean water in the septic tank. This is when septic system rejuvenation becomes necessary to help the soil absorb the waste water  There are several options for hiring a company to perform septic system rejuvenation. The first is a Custom Cleaning. This service includes hiring professionals to pump out the leach field and remove all the extra water. This gives them access to the field so they can add in good bacteria and enzymes that will rejuvenate the system.The septic leach field (also known as the drain field) is the fourth part of the septic system. The purpose of the septic leach field is to catch the waste water when it exits the distribution box. Your leach field will then help the water absorb into the ground which will make more space for new waste water inside the septic tank.

Another service is the White Knight System. This is when the professionals place an aerobic bio-reactor inside the septic tank to help to create a mass of good bacterium. This will allow the bacteria to thrive and eat away at all the waste inside your tank. The bacteria is then washed out into the leach field to eat away at the biomat that is building up in your leach field lines. In order for this to work correctly, you will also need to hire professionals for septic tank pumping and an inspection.

The third service is Sewer Jetting. Professionals take a high pressure water spray to clean and unclog your sewer lines, drains, and the leach field. Once the pipes are free from sludge and other debris causing the clogs, the septic system will be able to rejuvenate itself once again.

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