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Septic System Additives

Modern times have brought us great advancements in fighting germs and bacteria in the home. Nowadays, most of the cleaning products we keep in our homes boast their antibacterial properties right on the label. However, septic systems thrive on bacteria and these antibacterial products can inhibit naturally occurring bacteria from doing their job in your septic tank.

All About Septic System Additives

Septic additives are a part of our 3-Step Septic Maintenance Program and help keep your system healthy. While nothing beats the value of having your septic pumped regularly, septic system additives aid in the breakdown of solids that build up over time in your tank and prevent solids from making their way out to your leach field.

Types of Septic Additives

Wind River Environmental offers two types of bacteria based septic system additives.

septic system additive

Wind River Environmental Septic System Treatment is a live bacterial septic additive designed to reduce the heavy buildup of organic material within a septic system. We carry our septic system treatment in cases of six 1 quart bottles. The homeowner introduces the product into their septic tank by simply pouring it down any drain in their home. This could be by flushing it down the toilet or pouring it into the kitchen sink. You should pour one bottle down the drain every other month to maintain a healthy bacteria level in your septic tank. Wind River Environmental even sends you a reminder email when it’s time to use the septic treatment!

Wind River Environmental also offers a powdered form of bacteria called Boost. The Boost is applied to the septic tank by a Wind River Environmental technician directly following a septic service. The tank should be empty when applying the Boost bacteria additive, but can be added to the tank by a Wind River Environmental technician up to two weeks after a septic pumping service.

Do Septic System Additives Work?

We hear this a lot from our customers, “Do bacterial additives actually work?” Some of the products on the market do not work. Our product has to work if you believe two simple facts:

1. Septic systems need bacteria
2. Household products are designed to kill bacteria.

The live bacteria eats away at potentially harmful solids and sludge within the lines and tank, boosting the good bacteria levels to create an optimal environment for dissolving solid organic matter. Our septic additives are 100% non-toxic and safe for the environment. By its very nature, it’s a naturally biodegradable product. All it does is replace what those other products we put down our drain destroy.

So, how does it work? While other septic system treatments on the market contain anywhere from 475,000 to 1,000,000 colony-forming bacteria (CFB), Wind River Environmental’s Septic System Treatment contains 50,000,000,000 CFB!

The Hard Truth

There are no warning signs that a system has failed. You will wake up one day with a problem and realize you should have been taking care of your system, and now it is too late!  The best maintenance you can provide your system is routine service combined with a filter and regular use of septic system additives. Your system “fails” gradually as the pores in your leach field slowly clog with solids, grit, and grime that did not break down in the tank. It’s silent until it’s too late.