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Municipal FAQs

General Questions

What emergency/after-hours capabilities does Wind River Environmental have?

We’re available 24/7 and usually can be on-site within two hours or less after your call. Call us anytime, day or night at 800-499-1682 and speak with a customer service representative to help with your emergency.

Is holiday and weekend service available?

We operate 24/7. Call us anytime, day or night at 800-499-1682 and speak with a customer service representative to help with your emergency.

Is a purchase order or formal agreement required in order to secure emergency services?

While we’d appreciate a purchase order or agreement, we understand that fixing an emergency is a higher priority than paperwork. We make sure to employ a team of administrators that can help sort things out with municipal purchasing departments after-the-fact.


Municipal High-Pressure Vacuum (Hy Vac) Services

Can you handle large weather events?

We have a state-of-the-art fleet of Vactor® and GapVax® trucks, pump trailers and support equipment with highly trained technicians to respond to emergencies of all types and sizes.


Municipal Lift Station Cleaning & Repair

Can you clean grease and sludge buildup on floats and transducers?

Yes. We clean lift stations of all sizes and configurations and handle line clearing for any float or transducer. Bypasses can be performed, if needed. All of our technicians are trained in confined space entry and can effectively perform the tasks required to keep your lift stations in prime condition.


Municipal Catch Basin Cleaning

Can you clean catch basins to remove excessive trash and debris from storm water flow?

Our fleet of Hy Vac equipment can perform all types of services for your storm water infrastructure system, including:

  • Large diameter culvert pipe cleaning
  • Removal of grit and debris from catch basins
  • Camera surveys

Can you get rid of excessive odor in proximity to basin grates?

No one likes odor issues, whether storm water system-related or not. We have teams of technicians trained in operating high-pressure water jetters who power wash the sludge buildup and scum to mitigate odors.


Municipal Sludge Hauling

Can you handle the large volume hauling needs of a high volume water treatment plant?

We operate a large fleet of trucks of all sizes that can assist with all of your municipal sludge hauling, no matter what volume. We’ll arrange for disposal at one of our own WWTP or other POTW. We are experienced in handling dry cake and liquid sludge waste. We offer contract price hauling and emergency service.


Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Can you help with bypass pumping during maintenance or repair projects?

Yes. We can handle bypass pumping on projects of all sizes. We keep an inventory of portable bypass pumps readily available for this purpose.

What disposal options does Wind River Environmental provide?

We own and operate several disposal facilities throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic to handle all your non-hazardous waste. We also have an Environmental Department that can assist with all necessary permitting and reporting to dispose of your waste.

Are Wind River Environmental technicians confined space trained and compliant?

All of our technicians are trained on several OSHA compliant programs including CSE, LOTO, MSHA, Fall Protection and many others. Contact our customer service team and they can engage our safety group who can assist you with any specific question you have about our training programs and certifications.

Can you provide us with portable storage tanks?

Yes. We regularly site tanks on municipal sites. Our frac tanks range up to 21,000 gallons in size.


Landfill Maintenance and Leachate Collection

Is there a volume consideration for your company?

Wind River Environmental regularly provides leachate collection services. We’re always on alert following heavy precipitation. We have a fleet of pump trailers on hand, and we’re ready to handle requests for removals of more than 200,000 gallons in one day.

Does Wind River Environmental service leachate collection lines?

Our primary service is jetting, but we do realize that keeping these open is critical in managing methane collection.


Digester Cleaning

Is digester cleaning service available?

Yes. Our hydraulic pumps easily remove the heavy material that accumulates in a digester.

What method does Wind River Environmental use to service digesters?

We implement pumping and hauling services, as well as GEO tubes, to clean digesters.


Lagoon Cleaning

Does Wind River Environmental have equipment specific to lagoon cleaning?

We have pumps and related equipment specifically engineered for lagoon service work. Our Tiger lagoon pumps, floating pumps, and boxes are effective in properly removing material.

Is alum sludge hauling available?

Yes. We’re quite experienced with the compliant disposal of alum material.


Other Municipal Services

Can you facilitate a pipeline repair?

Whether it’s providing main line camera service to plan infrastructure maintenance or assisting with any and all types of repairs, we can keep your infrastructure operating at peak performance.

What pipeline maintenance services does Wind River Environmental provide?

We offer pipeline installation, relining and crawler cameras for up to 72-inch pipes.

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