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Business Grease Services

No business wants to shut down or lose customers because of a grease overflow, drain issue or non-compliant grease tank. That’s why the Wind River Environmental team of experts go above and beyond standard grease trap cleaning services and handle all of the grease removal needs for your business. We inspect your system, check for warning signs and suggest appropriate service frequencies and maintenance plans. Our goal is to keep your grease system running smoothly.

Inside Grease Trap Cleaning

Routine maintenance of interior grease traps is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. Fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in your pipes and cause problems. Wind River Environmental provides the most effective grease trap cleaning to commercial businesses in the food industry, including restaurants, hotels, commercial cafeterias, retirement homes, school dining facilities, supermarkets and others.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians follow the Wind River Environmental 14-Point Inside Grease Trap Preventative Maintenance Program to fully inspect your grease trap by properly scraping down the walls of the trap and inspecting the condition of the trap itself, including baffles and cover. After this detailed inspection, we’ll perform a full clean-out of your grease trap.

The Wind River Environmental technician will review and update the paperwork on all of your interior traps and recommend the appropriate service frequency based on the condition of those traps. We will also update your service log so that health department inspectors have the proper documentation.

Outside Grease Tank Services

Consistent servicing of an outside grease tank is critical. If not serviced properly, the tank can experience hardened grease buildup, which can cause backups or overflows outside as well as draining issues inside. While some companies only scoop out the top layer, Wind River Environmental technicians fully pump down your grease trap. Our inspection includes checking the inlet and outlet pipes, flow and grease thickness. We suggest service frequency and provide you with a complete condition report, including before and after pictures.

Many towns and states require specific grease tank servicing mandated by their FOG (Fat, Oils, Grease) Program. With a Wind River Environmental routine maintenance program, we ensure your grease tanks are serviced so your system runs efficiently and in complete compliance to avoid violation fees.

Indirect Waste Pit and Drainage System Services

Businesses engaged in the storage, preparation, selling, serving or processing of food and beverages often require indirect waste piping for refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, iceboxes, ice-making machines, coffee urns and brewers, hot-and-cold drink dispensers, and similar equipment. This indirect waste piping discharges into the building drainage system and requires preventative maintenance. Wind River Environmental has the best equipment and trained personnel to ensure your drainage system is functioning properly.


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