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14-Point Inside Grease Trap Maintenance Program

Paying attention to every aspect of your business can ensure its success. An often overlooked aspect is the care of your wastewater components, especially when it comes to grease. Not only does grease have the power to draw hefty fines when not maintained according to health regulations, it can also close down a business. Offer the best to your employees and customers by maintaining a sanitary work environment that includes routine maintenance of all plumbing and septic facilities and proper cleaning of your grease trap. Other companies may take shortcuts and just skim the hardened grease off the top, but Wind River utilizes a checklist of 14 items that must be completed at every grease trap service appointment.

Breakdown of Our 14 Points

Feel confident about the service you receive when you hire Wind River. Our comprehensive grease trap inspection includes all this:

1.       Inspect Cover

2.       Inspect Gaskets

3.       Inspect Bolts

4.       Inspect Rods

5.       Inspect Baffle

6.       Inspect Baskets

7.       Inspect For Rust

8.       Check Flow of Trap

9.       Check For Leaks

10.   Advise Need For Drain Cleaning Services

11.   Inspect Strainers

12.   Inspect Screens

13.   Advise of Frequency Changes

14.   Complete Condition Report on Every Visit

Let Us Work For You

Avoid expensive fees and wasted downtime. As you can see, our grease trap maintenance process is very thorough and includes criteria such as completely draining the gray water, scrubbing down the walls of the trap, cleaning the baffles, and measuring grease thickness. To further simplify your life, we can evaluate your water consumption to determine exactly how often you need to have your trap serviced, and we’ll reach out to you when it’s time. This frees you from having to keep track of dates or waste time contacting someone. We also provide the appropriate documentation to local authorities so that you stay compliant and without risk of being shut down. To learn more about our 14-point process or how to simplify your wastewater maintenance routine, Contact Us.

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