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Municipal High-Pressure Vacuum Services

Municipalities, towns and cities can’t afford to have their infrastructure impacted by storm drain and catch basin overflows, pipeline blockages and lift station failures. They also need routine services to keep their municipal wastewater treatment systems running properly. That’s why they rely on the Municipal High-Pressure Vacuum Services of Wind River Environmental.

Employing state-of-the-art high-vacuum equipment (hy vac), our municipal high-pressure vacuum and hydro excavation services effectively manage grit, storm drains, catch basins of all sizes, main line jetting, large-scale septic systems, municipal wastewater treatment plants and lift stations. We pneumatically load solids, liquids and sludge using the industry-leading Vactor® and GapVax® trucks.

Wind River Environmental High-Pressure Vacuum Services include:

  • Storm water removal
  • Leachate removal
  • Liquid sludge removal
  • Large or small catch basin vacuuming
  • Cake sludge removal
  • Alum sludge removal
  • Pumping digesters and lagoons
  • Gutter cleaning leading to catch basins
  • Sand removal
  • Lift station and main vacuuming
  • Rooftop snow and debris removal
  • Confined space entries

Municipal Hydro Excavation Services

Wind River Environmental also offers expert hydro excavation services – the safest most efficient way to remove excavate soil. More accurate and non-destructive than hard-edge tools, our highly trained technicians utilize a combination of high-pressure water and an air vacuum to easily move or remove soil and uncover underground utilities. The hydro excavation (hydro vac) process is particularly effective for pipe and sewer line rehabilitation or landscaping. Using this process minimizes the disturbance or damages to the surrounding area.

You can rely on Wind River Environmental for all your
municipal high-pressure cleaning needs.

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