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How to Get Your Septic System Inspected and Pass

The Septic System Inspection Process

The septic system inspection process is a necessary, yet often complicated time for homeowners. Regardless of  selling or buying a home, you’ll need an inspection and depending on where you live, this inspection process can vary. A septic inspection service from Wind River Environmental takes care of the stress and confusion that inspections can often bring.

Since inspection requirements vary by state, so having an experienced professional perform the inspection is essential. Wind River Environmental offers the following tips get it inspected and pass.

How Do I Get a Septic System Inspection?

As one of our septic services, simply sign up or send us an email to schedule an inspection. An inspector will come to your home and check for several things. This includes problems or defects in your system that need correction. The inspector test each part of your system including the tank, drain field, and flow to the septic tank. This process can also help identify any leaks or issues.

How Do I Pass the Inspection?

Depending on your state and what kind of inspection it is, you can pass in many ways. A maintenance inspection can tell you if there’s a minor problem, or if a pump is needed. A functional inspection, however, checks if the entire system is in working order. If you’re not sure which kind of inspection you need, speak with a Wind River Environmental expert for more information. When you do have a Wind River Environmental technician at your home, be sure to ask questions. Things you’ll want to know include normal sludge levels, a recommended pumping schedule, and if the access ports are safe and not in danger of failing.

If something is not up to standards, it needs fixing before the building can pass. Wind River Environmental provides repair services if needed and handles any local reporting paperwork as well.

If you need an inspection for a real estate transaction, tank certification, building permit, or just for maintenance, Wind River Environmental is here. Contact Wind River Environmental today to help set up an inspection, or for more information about other services Wind River Environmental provides.

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