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How and Why Septic Tank Additives Work

Why Septic Additives?

Septic tank additives help keep your septic system healthy and functional in the colder months and whether you’re new to having a septic tank or are a septic system veteran, septic tank additives are still one of the most important things to be aware of. An often overlooked part of owning a septic tank is that bacteria is crucial for your system to run smoothly. You may have heard that common household cleaners can cause some intended issues with your septic tank by lowering the levels of bacteria in your tank. When the helpful bacteria is killed off, additives can help begin to restore the bacteria levels to a healthier level. Wind River Environmental is here to help provide you with solutions like bacterial additives to help your septic system perform at its best.

Septic Additives do the Work

A lot of antibacterial soaps and cleaners can harm the matter that’s making everything run smoothly. That’s why additives are used to add helpful bacteria back into your system. Our septic system additive boasts 50 million colony forming bacteria that can help boost the efficiency of your system. In addition to helping your tank break down solids more easily, our products also help keep your pipes clean and reduce plumbing odors. The best part is, it’s simple to use! Just pour the treatment down a drain in your home every other month and you can help prevent major issues with your septic system.

Why are Additives Recommended?

We recommend additives as part of preventative maintenance. If you’re noticing things draining slower or an odor from the pipes, then it’s a great time to purchase additives. However, these can be bought and used before these problems arise to prevent complications and keep the septic system healthy. The cost (and benefits) of using these additives are far better than the cost and hassle of having to repair major parts of your septic system. Along with regular pumping and filter cleanings, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken the steps to prevent major septic issues.

After your tank has been pumped we also add in Boost, further helping aid these bacterial additives. Even if you haven’t experienced any major problems or noticed any warning signs, it’s still important to take care of your system with these additives. These services are not only great for preventing issues further down the line, but they help improve how well your system works on a daily basis.

Whether it’s for additives, drain cleaning, preventative maintenance, or any other issue, Wind River Environmental provides all the necessary septic services to make your life easier. Please login to your account or contact us to schedule a service!

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