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Why Does My Drain Stink and How To Fix It

Septic problems can come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most frustrating and inconvenient issues is stinky drains.  Wind River Environmental’s long history of dealing with issues like these helps us understand unknown smells coming from a drain and why it’s concerning.  Clogs and buildup often cause slow draining, but strange smells are a little bit more of a conundrum. Does it smell because of something you poured down the drain or should contact someone about this dilemma? Here’s some helpful information on what a smelly drain means and how to fix it.

Why Does my Drain Smell?

Strange smells are the result of a number of situations. Gas buildup in your pipes often leads to strange smells. To avoid this, try running water regularly through the drain, especially if it’s not commonly used. This can help prevent these gases from building, rising, and causing odors. Bacteria is another common cause. Just like how bacteria grow in your septic tank and break down solids, bacteria can also organically grow in your drains. It’s not harmful, but the smell can become unpleasant after a while.

A minor clog—whether it is food, hair, or something else—can also create some odd smells if it’s been in your drain too long. If you haven’t pumped your septic tank in an extended period of time, smells can even be a result of backup and you should resolve them as soon as possible. Essentially, it could be a number of things. Luckily, Wind River Environmental is here to help!

How Can a Stinky Drain be Fixed?

When all of the ideas above aren’t enough, Wind River Environmental’s services solve many of the common issues septic owners face, including smelly drains! For instance, if the odor comes from a drain obstruction, call us to schedule a drain cleaning. Our team will identify the issue, and snake and jet your drain to resolve the problem. In the rarer instance that you notice, or in this case smell, backup coming from a drain, you should schedule a pumping at your earliest convenience. Fixing this ensures that more drastic issues don’t arise.

Wind River Environmental specializes in septic and drain services, making us the perfect solution to problems involving drain smells. Reach out to our locations in FloridaNorth Carolina, or elsewhere for solutions today. Contact Wind River Environmental today to help identify and resolve drain issues, or for more information about other services Wind River Environmental provides.

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