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What’s the Average Amount of Grease Produced by Restaurants Yearly?

A typical fast food restaurant in the U.S. will produce approximately 35 pounds of grease every day. Gross! That number can vary according to the restaurant’s daily or weekly activity. A business that is judged by the quality of its food should be doing everything possible to ensure its kitchen is operative and producing delicious menu items at all times. Without efficient plumbing, cooking and washing dishes isn’t possible and hurts profit. Grease trap maintenance plays a huge role in a productive restaurant kitchen but is often neglected in the mix of other seemingly more important items. Let’s bring some attention to this valuable topic today.

Should I Hire Someone To Clean My Grease Trap?
Cleaning a grease trap yourself is easy, right? Just open it up and skim off the hardened grease. Nope! A grease trap is a complicated machine with several working parts. It takes a professional to properly disassemble it, thoroughly clean the insides, pump out all the dirty water, and foresee any problems based on the condition of the trap. An inexperienced person attempting to take on a grease trap could end up with a big mess in their kitchen. Plus, a professional will be able to properly dispose of the waste.

Our Comprehensive 14-Point Inspection
Wind River takes grease trap maintenance seriously! We address these 14 items during every single grease tank service.

1.       Inspect Cover2.       Inspect Gaskets
3.       Inspect Bolts4.       Inspect Rods
5.       Inspect Baffle6.       Inspect Baskets
7.       Inspect For Rust8.       Check Flow of Trap
9.       Check For Leaks10.   Advise Need For Drain Cleaning Services
11.   Inspect Strainers12.   Inspect Screens
13.   Advise of Frequency Changes14.   Complete Condition Report on Every Visit

Ours is the most intensive inspection process, and we carry decades of experience in the grease trap business. If you don’t already have a grease trap, we can recommend the best type and size for your business and install it for you. To learn more, contact Wind River or request grease trap cleaning service now.

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