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Things to be Aware of Before Installing a Septic Tank

If you’re looking to install a new septic system, you may find it to be a bit more complicated than expected. There are several things to consider, and we advise you to seek the help of a certified professional to make sure it’s done properly. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll be taking into account.

First Things First
Before any work can be done, you must apply for the proper permits so you can legally build a system that is safe for you and the surrounding environment. Your soil also has to be tested for pH to make sure it leaches properly. Additionally, your town may have regulations regarding the size of the tank or where it must be installed. Water consumption is a big factor when choosing the appropriate size, and most homes use tanks that hold at least 1500 gallons. An experienced company can evaluate your soil and will be familiar with the rules in your area, so consult one such as Wind River Environmental.

Parts and Materials
In addition to size and location of the tank, there are decisions to be made on the materials. Will you go with a concrete or plastic tank? How much piping will you need? Will you need a pump chamber? You may if your property doesn’t support a gravity-fed system. If so, what’s the difference between turbine pumps and centrifugal pumps? The soil can also determine the type of design your system will have. If the soil is coarse or sandy, your system will likely need a pressure-type design versus a gravity design.  What kind of gravel will work best with your soil? Where is the main line from your home that will connect to the septic system and how should you handle the landscaping? What are the best types of filters and risers? Again, allow a professional to help you with these decisions.

Wind River Environmental is Certified
As you can see, a septic system cannot be flippantly thrown together. Because there are so many choices to make, we strongly advise employing the help of a certified expert. The technicians and engineers at Wind River Environmental have graduated from Wind River Environmental University, and have extensive knowledge of septic systems. You can rely on our guys to give you trustworthy advice, and they’ll install your system correctly. Once your septic system is up and running, you can also count on us to handle the future maintenance so it performs efficiently for years to come. We want to be your sole provider for all your septic needs, so Contact Us or Request Service Today.

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