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What Can You Do to Prevent Floor Drain Backups?

Floor drains are so handy when it’s time to clean, and I often wish I had one in my home so I could just sweep everything down the hole. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, it is until all that trash clogs up the underground pipes, and wastewater gushes back onto the floor. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and floor drains require similar care as any other drains in your home or business. No one wants to walk on a wet floor all day, so here are some things you can do to prevent floor drain backups.

Take Preventative Action
Depending on your business, the floor drain may be a simple hole in the floor, or it could have some kind of grate to keep bigger objects from going down the pipe. Either way, Wind River recommends adding a screen to the drain. Cheap and easy to find, a wire mesh screen will help keep trash and materials like mop strings from washing down and clogging the pipes. For best results, you’ll want to clean the screen often. You should also avoid dumping grease, thick or sugary liquids, and any kind of food down the drain. These items will congeal and form clogs further down the pipe.

Our Preventative Maintenance Services Will Floor You

Like other drains, floor drains are vulnerable to clogs and backups. We can help you avoid problems with preventative maintenance solutions designed for floor drains. We can install additional screens and filters and administer enzyme distributors to break down grease and sugar residue before it becomes a problem. Your regular wastewater servicing goes a long way to prevent major problems as well. Procedures like water jetting, pumping the tank, and cleaning the grease traps can all stop clog buildup in other parts of your plumbing which in turn, prevents wastewater from coming up the floor drain. Our licensed technicians at Wind River know your business isn’t exactly like everyone else’s, so we develop a plan to determine what your system needs to function at its best. For more information on how to prevent floor drain backups or to schedule an appointment for a customized maintenance plan, Contact Us.

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