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3 Grease Trap Horror Stories

The new Ghostbusters movie comes out today. Are you going to see it? Unfortunately, the best Ghostbusters out there cannot save you from these grease trap horror stories. Beware! FOG (fats, oils, and grease) is everywhere!

The Walking Clog
In the late 1800s, Nathaniel Whiting invented the modern-day grease trap. It was a simple but brilliant idea: a device to reduce the amount of FOG that enters the main sewers. The grease trap was a progressive step in keeping things clean and safe. Unfortunately, it was new and disgusting, and the people didn’t like new and disgusting things. The trap had to be emptied. But who could touch such a gross contraption? People didn’t want to do it even though they knew their neglect would summon the clogs. The days passed, and the FOG grew. That’s when the clogs came to life, and wastewater came back to fill the sinks and cover the floors.

Fast Food Nightmare
Joe had a craving for greasy cheeseburgers and french fries, so he went to his favorite fast food joint down the street. When he pulled up, he saw a sign on the door indicating the restaurant was closed. He thought to himself, “It’s 6pm on a Saturday. How could it be closed during this prime time?” He peered through the window to get a closer look. Suddenly, he saw gray water gushing from the floor drains in the kitchen. He screamed and ran to his car, quite distraught over the ghastly sight. He quickly dialed his friends to warn them that the FOG had come.

Don’t Go In There!
We’ve all encountered that guy—the one who never asks for directions and doesn’t ask for help. It’s that guy who just pokes and prods until something breaks. No matter how many times you warn him and tell him not to go into the kitchen to try and fix the grease trap, he goes anyway. Before you know it, baffles, screws, and pipes are strewn across the floor along with FOG that was once contained in the grease trap. The stench is overwhelming…had something died? If only he had consulted a professional.

Who You Gonna Call?
FOGbusters! Contact the Wind River Environmental professionals who can prevent horror stories like these. Or else…

(insert ominous music)

You could be next!

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