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Commercial Portal Dashboard - Calendar

Commercial Portal Dashboard - Calendar

The Dashboard’s Calendar widget provides a Month’s view of the upcoming services and a color-coded status.

The “Learn About This” icon links to the associated training.

The Three Dots icon provides the ability to filter the calendar to select a specific job site, or to refresh the calendar view back to the current month and all job sites.

By default you will see the current month of Work Orders. The left arrow will take you back 4 months while the right arrow will bring you out 2 months to see what is scheduled.

Emergency Work Orders will have a red exclamation mark ! to make the easy to identify.

Placing your cursor over a calendar entry provides a pop up showing:

- Store Number and Address

- WRE Work Order Number

- Line of Business

- Priority

- Whether it is a Frequency or Non-Frequency Order

The calendar entries are status color coded with the Legend at the top of the page.

Clicking on a calendar entry brings you to the Order Detail page in a new tab.