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The Importance of Grease Trap Safety

As necessary as our services are, servicing inside and outside grease traps is a tough job for anyone. Along with providing expert grease removal services comes great responsibility to uphold the highest grease trap safety standards. When crucial safety measures are not followed, tragic accidents become possible. In light of a recent tragedy in Rochester, NY where a young boy tragically passed away after falling into a grease trap, we are reminded of the importance of remaining committed to safety.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our number one core value has always been and will continue to be, safety. At Wind River Environmental we have always centered our core values on keeping our employees, our clients, and the environment safe.

We want zero risk of any of our employees becoming seriously injured while performing a service. We all have a responsibility to keeping ourselves, the customer, and the environment safe. Every employee must go home safely every day.

Our customers can trust that they will have peace of mind when our technicians leave their home or business knowing that service was executed properly and that all safety measures were followed.


Technicians at Wind River undergo detailed training to guarantee they have a complete understanding of their job roles, how to perform them, and how to safely execute each task. Our training educates employees extensively on the importance of our commitment to safety.

14-Point Grease Inspection

While every company in the grease removal industry has their own way of doing things, Wind River uses our own 14-Point Grease Inspection. The 14-Point Inspection is something our technicians follow at job sites to make sure the service is thorough. The most important part of this process is ensuring that the grease trap cover is secured after being serviced. If this is overlooked, as we’ve seen with past incidents, the outcome can be lethal.

New Legislation

Bryce’s Law” has been passed following the incident Rochester, NY. The law seeks to prevent such events from reoccurring. Under the new law grease traps will be inspected annually and must be designed to support extra weight as well as have a locking mechanism or bolt keeping the grease trap closed.

Most, if not all, accidents are preventable when proper training is provided and the proper steps are followed. At Wind River Environmental, we are proud of our commitment to safety and our track record. We will continue to keep the safety of our employees, our customers, and the environment our top priority. Know that you can trust Wind River Environmental and our team to clean your grease, septic, and plumbing in the safest way possible, and will leave you with peace of mind and great service.

To learn more about our services, or to become a business customer, contact us.

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