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How to Properly Maintain Your Septic System and Avoid Penalties

Maintaining a healthy septic system has numerous benefits, from extending the life of the components to having a more efficient waste solution. In some areas, it may even protect you from financial penalties! State regulations in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Georgia and other areas across the east coast include specific requirements for septic systems.

Major issues that lead to improper disposal of waste lead to fines and penalties that are easily avoided. With the help of the experts at Wind River Environmental, it’s easy to properly maintain your septic system and avoid costly fines.

Find a Proper Pumping Schedule

The typical life of a septic tank is 15-25 years, but this is dependent on how often you care for it. Waiting three or more years to pump the tank decreases the lifespan of your system due to the solids that form against the walls of the tank. Alternatively, we have customers who have a healthy and functioning septic tank that we installed over 40 years ago, and which we service every other year.  In the short-term, regular pumping allows for optimal efficiency and protects against the damage that leads to leaks, backup, and more. 

Septic specialists create custom service plans for your system to ensure a healthy and long-lasting septic solution, especially when they know your system from servicing it.  Often, governmental recommendations are too long for today’s environment and have historically been based on broad estimates of septic tanks constructed many years ago.  In fact, many are undergoing serious scrutiny for updates, or even pushing more homeowners towards municipal sewer.  

Avoid Garbage Disposals and Flushing Certain Items

While convenient, garbage disposals add unnecessary solids to your tank and occasionally lead to clogged drains. Many homes on septic don’t have one, but if yours does, avoid using it. Additionally, it’s important to know what shouldn’t be flushed down your drains. Avoid chemicals like bleach and harsh soaps that kill the helpful bacteria in your tank, as well as solids like cigarettes, gum, and grease that have the potential to get stuck in your drain.

Even proper maintenance doesn’t protect against grease clogs, so make sure to learn the do’s and don’ts of septic before flushing.

Fix Septic Issues ASAP

Realizing your septic problem requires repairs is a pain, but it’s absolutely necessary to avoid problems that lead to fines and serious health risks. Whether it’s a leaking pipe or a full septic tank, contacting your local septic provider as soon as possible prevents things from getting worse. Minor repairs are also much cheaper than replacing major components of your system or paying steep emergency service fees.

Discuss a Maintenance Plan with Your Septic Provider

In addition to being experienced in septic installation, repair, and maintenance, septic providers like Wind River Environmental are knowledgeable about local regulations in order to protect against any finable situations involving your septic system. They’ll provide you with a schedule for pumping based on your specific situation and suggested services for preventative maintenance

If you need to meet septic regulations in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, or any of the 16 states we operate in, look to Wind River Environmental. If you have any inquiries about proper septic maintenance, call Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007. For any septic questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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