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When Is It Time For A Septic Tank Replacement?

So you’ve had your septic tank for a few years, and it seems to be working fine. But looks can be deceiving. Septic tanks require regular maintenance to perform at maximum efficiency at all times. If you see any of these warning signs, it could be an initial sign leading to a septic tank replacement, or at least an inspection.

Green, Green Grass

Of course, green grass is usually a sign of a healthy lawn—and it’s every homeowner’s dream. However, if the grass is exceptionally green only around your septic tank, it’s probably a bad sign. This could mean that your system is having problems disposing of water and the excess overflows onto your grass, fertilizing it to a nice green. While it looks nice, it could mean bad news for your tank.

Standing Water or Puddles

Puddles after a good rain shower are probably nothing to worry about.  If the puddles have a foul odor like eggs or sulfur, or they start appearing in spots around your leach field in your yard, it could be a sign of a failing septic tank. Standing water usually means that your system is struggling to dispose of water or filter it correctly. This leads to a build-up of contamination, bacteria, nitrates, and other things you don’t want, causing serious health concerns.

Sewage Backup

A well-running septic tank can handle any sewage coming from your home without difficulty. So if sewage backup starts collecting, it’s a pretty sure sign that your system is clogged. While this is a symptom of a system that needs attention, it could be that you simply need to clear the clog ( which can be accumulated grease or roots that have infiltrated your pipes).  Raw sewage may start backing up into your toilet, and you could hear gurgling from the pipes or a particularly pungent smell. If you have had an inspection, and/or seen with the camera that the pipes are clear, you are likely looking at a failed system that would require a full septic tank replacement to correctly fix the problem.

Tank Problems

Finally, if there are any kinds of issues with your tank, it’s probably a good idea to have a professional inspect it and let you know if it’s time to replace it. The two most common signs that you should get a professional involved are when there is constant overflow and a high level of solids in the tank. Constant overflowing usually means the tank isn’t disposing of wastewater properly, whereas high solid levels mean the waste isn’t breaking down properly. Wind River Environmental is always available to assist with these and any other small repairs or other septic services to keep your life flowing.

Replace your Tank with Wind River Environmental

If it’s time to upgrade your septic tank, Wind River Environmental has the expert equipment, staff, and customer service you need. Get in touch with us today to start your septic tank replacement!

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