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Is Septic or Sewer Better for a New Home?

Choosing a wastewater solution is one of the most crucial parts of a new home. It’s obviously a must-have, but is there a preferable option between septic and sewer? With years of experience, Wind River Environmental has a few things to note about this decision.

What’s Better for a New Home: Septic or Sewer?

The answer to this question is going to depend on a number of factors, but here are some things to keep in mind.

Septic is Cheaper Over Time

Both options include the initial cost of installation. Sewer line installation and a new septic tank aren’t cheap, but there’s more to factor in past this point. After everything is connected, there are fees and expenses that occur over time.

A sewer line guarantees a monthly wastewater bill from your town. This recurring fee is unique to homes on sewer, while a septic system avoids this monthly expense.

The cost of a septic system is more focused on maintenance, which is much less frequent than monthly. Preventative maintenance to protect your septic system should occur yearly, but required septic pumpings are only every year or two. 

Septic Allows for Homeowner Control

While sewer is a more hands-off approach to wastewater—for the homeowner, at least—but that’s not always preferable. If you want to avoid public sewer clogs or issues that arise from community sewers, septic protects against these. 

Septic systems require more of your attention, but that’s not always a bad thing. Understanding your septic system makes it easier to diagnose any problems with draining, clogs, etc. Recognizing septic problems allows you to find solutions or contact your septic provider for assistance, while sewer issues take time for municipalities to resolve.

Sewers are Less Environmentally Friendly

Normally, sewers don’t pose environmental problems, but when something goes wrong, it creates an unfortunate result for the environment. Untreated sewage frequently makes its way into rivers, streets, and other bodies of water. This is avoided with septic systems. 

Due to the nature of septic systems, any wastewater coming from your home is not leaving your yard. Additionally, septic pipe leaks are relatively rare with regular maintenance.

Whether for septic system installation or ongoing maintenance, contact Wind River Environmental for the best service quality, residential offerings, and customer service. If you have any questions about adding a septic system to your new home, call Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007. For any septic questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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