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“Can You Pump Septic in the Winter?” and Other Seasonal Questions Answered

For most of the year, septic maintenance is pretty standard, but in the winter, things change. Whether it’s septic inspections, tank pumping, or drain cleaning, it’s natural to have questions about your septic services during winter. Keeping your septic system healthy through the season saves time and money when it comes to repair costs. 

If you have winter septic questions, Wind River Environmental has answers. Find solutions to winter’s toughest situations and enjoy the holiday season without the stress.

Can You Pump a Septic Tank in the Winter?

Technically, yes! Septic tanks are pumpable year-round. However, winter is not the optimal season for doing so. Once the ground freezes, it’s more time-consuming to get to the septic tank and fully pump it. Aside from being more inconvenient, frozen temperatures also lead to frozen contents of your septic tank if there was any erosion that changed the freeze line.

To avoid a frozen septic tank, schedule a pumping before the winter. This way the tank enters the season as clean and healthy as possible. Scheduling a pumping for the fall also helps you avoid the winter rush of appointments.

How do Septic Inspections Work During the Winter? 

Septic inspections are possible in the winter, with a few important differences from other seasons. For instance, if you need a septic inspection for the sale of a home, some states allow inspections to be postponed due to storms. Inclement weather, especially after feet of snow have accumulated, makes it impossible to inspect certain parts of your septic setup.

Like septic tank pumping, it’s best to have inspections done before the winter or as early in the season as possible. Avoiding the first major snowstorm is crucial for a successful septic inspection. 

How Much of an Issue are Frozen Pipes?

Just as they are with sewer pipes, frozen pipes for a septic system have the potential for disaster. Frozen pipes require a septic professional to assist you. However, there are ways to prevent frozen pipes. Running water throughout the winter is the main way to prevent pipes from freezing.

While winter is a tricky season for septic systems, Wind River Environmental is here to help. If you have any questions about winter’s impact on your system or want to schedule a service, call Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007. For any of your other septic needs, don’t hesitate to contact WRE today!

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