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Complete Septic System Repair Services For Your Business

We Handle Septic System Repair Services of all Sizes

At Wind River Environmental, we have the expertise to keep the septic systems of our commercial customers functioning smoothly to ensure that their businesses stay up and running. Firstly, our septic system repair services take care of non-hazardous waste disposal. We also repair and maintain all of the many elements of your commercial septic and grease systems to ensure that they all remain in good working condition for the health and safety of you, your customers, and your employees.


There is no getting around it, septic tank covers need to be in perfect condition when safety is the highest priority. We stock covers of all types and sizes, and our technicians will alert you when your cover is in need of replacement. If there is even the slightest doubt about the safety of your cover, you should rope off the area and contact us as soon as possible to schedule service. 


Many septic tanks are set deep below ground level, causing difficulty with tank pumping, maintenance, or inspections. Local code requires that the cover is elevated close to or even with the ground surface level. We can achieve this by installing a build up, also known as a riser. This is a simple ring placed between the tank and the cover.


The distribution box is the junction where the pipes to your leach field all connect to evenly distribute liquid waste from the box to various areas of the field. Obviously, the collapse of this crucial box can cause major problems with proper disposal of the liquid waste.

Older distribution boxes made of concrete are prone to deterioration by gases present in the waste system, so they don’t last forever. The same applies to inlet/outlet baffles in a concrete tank. We can replace older distribution boxes and concrete baffles with new durable PVC products which aren’t susceptible to deterioration.


Low levels in your septic system can be a sign of cracks, leaks, or holes in the tank. We can inspect and quite frequently seal the tank to avoid more costly replacement and help your business avoid losses from downtime.

Our Full Range of Septic Services

At Wind River Environmental, we offer the full range of commercial (and residential!) septic system repair services from design to installation. We can rejuvenate your system’s leach field with power-jetting and install filters to ensure that optimal flow is maintained. We have septic scrubs and the White Knight System to cultivate beneficial bacteria that eat away at the solids built up in your tank and under leach field lines.

When you need expert care and maintenance for your commercial septic system, click this link to schedule service with Wind River Environmental!

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