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Replacing a Septic System Cover to Enhance Safety

Regular pumping of the septic tank is important to maintain a healthy septic system. All septic tanks have between 2-3 covers to allow for service and inspection. Typically, a septic cover is round in shape and about the size of a man hole cover. A damaged or unsecured cover could lead to tragedy should someone fall through into the tank. Wind River Environmental offers septic system cover replacement services, as well as other septic system repairs.

Septic Cover Replacement and Safety at Wind River Environmental 

Last year, tragedy struck in Jacksonville, FL when 3-year old Amari Harley fell into a septic tank due to an unsecured septic cover. The town of Jacksonville spent close to $1 million to install new locking covers to approximately 200 homes.

Wind River Environmental takes septic cover safety seriously. At each service, our technicians inspect the condition of each septic cover. Once the covers to the system are exposed they are inspected for integrity and safety.

If our technician discovers a cover which is unsafe, his first action will be to secure and block off the area. He then reports the cover to his manager and customer service and remains onsite until the customer has been notified.

 Septic System Cover Types

Septic covers are available in a variety sizes and types to fit the system. Our professional technician will always be on hand to consult with you about the best onsite options for your replacement covers. For example, green plastic covers can be used to blend naturally with the yard.  If the cover is in an area where it would be weight-bearing, such as a parking lot or driveway, special load-bearing covers are used to ensure safety.

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