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The “White Knight System” Advantage for Your Septic System

A septic system contains a septic tank and drain field, also known as a leach field. Wastewater collects in the tank and filtered into the drain field where natural aerobic bacteria break down organic material. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to survive and continue supporting the septic system. When beneficial bacteria lack enough oxygen to do their jobs, non-living organic material builds up and settles in the underlying soil. When this happens, the field loses its ability to efficiently drain effluent into the soil for filtering. You can call the Septic White Knight at (877) 560-9007, or schedule rejuvenation service today on our website!

The White Knight System Can Save Your Septic System.

To combat the lack of oxygen in the drain field, Knight Treatment Systems Inc. created a microbial inoculator and generator. The White Knight Generator increase the oxygen available in the drain field and improves the environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. As a result of increased aerobic bacteria, organic material in the field is nearly completely consumed. This improves the drain fields ability to leach effluent into the soil for filtration. Here is a list of all the benefits of the White Knight microbial inoculator:

  • Prevents aerobic bacteria from dying and causing the field to fail.
  • Restores poorly operating drain fields.
  • Near complete consumption of the organic materials reduces the environmental impact of nitrates formed by septic systems.
  • A microbial inoculator reduces the drainage field size required for a new home.
  • It increases the efficiency and output of the field without physically expanding the current one.

These are all great benefits of increased oxygen supplies in the drain field, but why choose a White Knight System? Here are the advantages:

  • Having a White Knight inoculator/generator installed is cheaper than replacing the drain field entirely.
  • It protects the environment and natural resources. Fewer nitrates in the surrounding water supply is a result.
  • Knight Treatment Systems Inc. offers a spectacular system component warranty. They will cover the cost to replace defective and worn out components from normal use.

Rejuvenating and protecting your drain field is important. Contact us for more information about White Knight Systems and preventing drain field failure.

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