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3 Ways to Keep your Septic System Healthy

If you have a septic system then you have benefits and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that septic systems need a certain amount of regular maintenance to stay healthy. If your system fails it can be a disaster, resulting in a massive cleanup and possibly health problems.

Three Things to Keep Your Septic System Healthy

  1. The first is regular pumping. Your septic system needs to be pumped out at intervals which depend on the size of your household and your tank, as well as factors such as how often you do laundry. Typically, most residential systems need pumping every three to five years, those with more mechanical parts should be pumped more often so they can be properly inspected.
  2. The second is bacterial additives. Although natural bacteria are produced to break down the waste in your septic tank, you may need to add extra bacteria and nutrients to compensate for the anti-bacterial effects of chemical disinfectants and soaps, bleach, antibiotics being taken by household members, etc. Bacterial additives should include nutrients and enzymes, not just “more bacteria.”
  3. And the third is to clean the septic tank filter. All septic tanks should have an outlet filter, which should be cleaned and inspected when the tank is pumped or if the drains in the house become sluggish and gurgle.

If you do these three things, you can be confident that short of a natural disaster your septic tank system will continue to do its job and deal with the waste your household produces. A professional preventive maintenance program is the best way to keep your septic system – and yourselves – healthy.

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